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evolution WINDOWS AD

BOOM! We went MASH-crazy as we produced a very abstract and procedurally captivating piece to promote Window's innovation. 


Follow the evolution of a single molecule through visually stunning animation which mimics the behaviour of crashing particles to form atoms and geometric shapes, giving off a biomorphic sensation.  


It was an exciting opportunity to explore various techniques, including animated displacements and XGEN hair to using scripts and procedural animation using MASH networks to create this cinematic piece.

I had a lot of fun with this project as I had all the creative freedom to come up with the concept, from early storyboards and sketches, pre-viz and animatics to the final render. My aim was not only to explore but push the limits of what was possible with the proprietary software available. By combining techniques using the Mash editor and animated XGEN, along with using texture maps, scripts and expressions to create the complicated animations that can be seen throughout the animation.  

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